Friday, March 25, 2005

Observations from pairing with Eclipse developers

I'm an IntelliJ IDEA user. I really like the Java IDE that they produce and I've become fairly good at using it. I've been pair programming with a couple of excellent developers who use Eclipse. Eclipse is a beautiful looking IDE and it sure has a ton of features. However, as I've been observing these two developers code, I have noticed that the manner in which Eclipse 3.0.x presents quick fixes (intentions to us IntelliJ people) is unnecessarily cumbersome. An emblem icon shows up in the gutter and you have to use the mouse to activate the quick fix list. Arghhh! In IntelliJ, I can active the intention list from the keyboard. Can the quick fix list be activated from keyboard? Just an observation. Writing code in Eclipse is much different than writing code in IntelliJ. I think I actually write code fragments and then complete code statements with intentions and refactorings. It's so damn easy to do this in IntelliJ; it seems clunky in Eclipse.

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