Thursday, November 05, 2009

Completed another Test Driven and Refactoring course for DevJam

This time using C# and the .NET platform. The course went over really well, though we did have some small snafus with the training area in the DevJam office. Nothing that can't be tweaked. I had 15 participants in this class. All participants pair programmed when completing the hand-on exercises and again, I'm totally amazed at how well pair programming goes over when you get people away from their normal work environment. Everyone really grooved on the pair programming thing.

One area that we will need to work on is the mock objects content. We don't have any hands-on exercises for using mock objects and we heard about it in the reviews of the course. I did walk everyone through a demonstration of using mock objects in your unit tests, but I mis-gauged how much interest the participants had in mock objects and the desire to get their feet wet with mock objects. Some of the class participants stay after the course ended and we did another 40 minutes of live coding demos on the use and features of mock objects (using moq for the mocking framework in .NET).

All in all, an awesome two days for me and hopefully for the course participants.


  1. You're right that there an interest in understanding the how-to's and the pros and cons of various mocking frameworks. I've seen it on my current project (We might be able to whip up a few people interested in the next .net TDD class you give).

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for the comment. There was keen interest in both mocking frameworks and the use of mock objects and dependency injection frameworks for .NET. I've used Spring.NET in the past and I was very happy with it.

    The Test Driven course brings up dependency injection as a pattern that will help facilitate looser coupling of software components, but we don't give any examples of its usage with a framework. Might be something we correct in the future.