Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jasmine spying on jQuery selectors

Quick blog post about how to spy for jQuery selectors. Say I want to write something like the following:
var $element = $('');
How would you write a Jasmine specification to drive this line of code in a Backbone.View function? Here it is:
it("find the element using a jQuery selector", function() {
   var spy = spyOn(jQuery.fn, 'find');
The reason you can do this is that $(selector, context) becomes $(context).find(selector). By default, selectors perform their searches within the DOM starting at the document root. However, an alternate context can be given for the search by using the optional second parameter to the $() function (from Had to write this down in a blog so I remember it again some day. Cheers!


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  2. Going to use 'spyOn(jQuery.fn, 'find')' today.... Thanks for documenting this! (Also - learned a new word today 'equitation' from your sidebar....)

    1. Good luck and cool on learning about equitation.

  3. Thanks! Very nice stuff!

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