Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Airport Extreme

Man, these Apple products are like crack! Now that I have the MacBook, I wanted to upgrade the living room wireless access point. Went out to the Apple Store and ordered an Airport Extreme. Super easy to setup, very small and stylish, and it seems to run great. I'm using it in bridged mode and 802.11n only (radio set at 5 GHz). Hopefully I'll be able to use wireless outside in the backyard pool area. Highly recommended!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New MacBook!

Just bought my first Mac...a black MacBook. I bought it with 1 GB of RAM, but immediately went to and purchased 4 GB of RAM to replace the original 1 GB that came with the system. So far so good. My Dell XPS went on the fritz late last week. It looks like the nVidia video card went to hell and now none of the operating systems will boot up on it. And the Dell is off warranty, so it's going to cost me some money to get the thing fixed. Oh well. So I'm rolling with the MacBook. For Windows, I'm going with VMware Fusion on the MacBook.