Monday, October 24, 2005

Fussing over ACEGI Security and CAS

Wow!! What a night of frustration. I spent about 3 hours Googling and attempting to unearth all the magical incantations necessary to get ACEGI Security 0.8.3 to work with CAS 2.0.12. In the end, it came down to some funky SSL and keystore configuration crap. Luckily, I found a very relevant tidbit of information. Seems that a self-cert needs to be named localhost for the CN. Wow! Who would have guessed?!?

I was able to use Keystore Explorer from Lazgo Software Ltd to aid me in dealing with my mistakes with the Java keytool. If you do any amount of tinkering with keystores, certificates, and the like, you owe it to yourself to buy a license for this handy utility. Why Sun can't build small GUI helper Java utilities like this is beyond me. Yeah, the command line invocations are so easy, why would I ever need anything else.

Coming back to the ACEGI/CAS integration: This stuff needs some serious documentation around it. Currently its smatterings here and there and to get a working example WAR file, you have to build it through Maven (which I did not do). Why o' why can't you just build the example file and post it as part of an optional download? I'm not interested in using Maven and building on my host. None of the current Spring Framework books even attempt to brush up against the CAS integration, which should have tipped me off that it's going to be difficult go.


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