Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ubuntu Linux "Dapper Drake" rocks!

Well, it's been about a week that I have been working with Ubuntu Linux "Dapper Drake" on one of my desktops here at home. I'm thoroughly impressed. I've used RedHat and Fedora Core distros before and have been satisfied with them. Never super impressed, but satisfied. SuSE seemed slow to me so I really didn't invest much time in it. Tried Dapper Drake on a laptop that had a hosed Windows XP installation on it. Dapper Drake worked well on it, and after I bought a Netgear wireless adapter for it that Dapper Drake instantly recognized, I was off to the races with Dapper Drake.

After messing around with the Drake on this smallish laptop, I decided to install it on development desktop that currently held Windows XP Professional. It was my thought to dual boot this system, but for some reason, the Windows XP Professional installation would die during the boot process. OK, I thought, I wasn't really using Windows here much anyways, and I still have my Dell XPS system for a Windows installation. So I reformatted the Windows partition to a Linux partition and mounted it to the filesystem.

I've gone to installing Kubuntu on both of my Dapper Drake installations. I think I resonate with KDE more than GNOME. I really like the kdesvn integration into Konquerer. Much like TortoiseSVN in Windows. Ripping some albums to Ogg format and amaroK is very cool. I have my Java development tools installed (IntelliJ IDEA, DbVisualizer, Eclipse 3.2+Callisto). I've been using Java 6 Beta 2 on this box and it's working like a dream.

Definitely recommend Dapper Drake to those out there that want a no-nonsense Linux installation that's super simple to upgrade and install packages on.

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