Saturday, December 22, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 is an awesome Ruby on Rails dev environment

I've been doing some Ruby on Rails stuff lately. Nothing serious, just playing with the platform right now. I've been using Aptana Studio 1.0.2 on my Kubuntu box here at home and it's worked really well. Today, I thought I'd try out NetBeans 6.0 and see how it's Ruby on Rails support is. One word--AWESOME!! It's much nicer than Aptana (which is really quite good in its own right) and for newbies like me trying to get their feet wet with Ruby on Rails, it's done very nicely. NetBeans is quite quick on my dev machine here at home. I really like the integration with Ruby and Rails that Sun has built here. Kudos to the NetBeans group for providing a top notch Ruby on Rails dev environment. BTW, I'm using Ruby 1.8 and Rails 1.2.4. I may try JRuby at some point, but right now I'm fine working with stock Ruby and Rails.

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  1. is netbeans supports Adobe Flex

  2. I don't believe NetBeans supports Adobe Flex development at this time. The new Adobe Flex Builder 3 was recently released this past week, so I plunked down $250 for a Standard license. IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.3 will also have support for Adobe Flex. I played around with an EAP of IDEA 7.0.3. It's OK and I'm sure that it will get better over time, but the support was nowhere near what Flex Builder gives you.

  3. I have started to build a Module Suite in NB 6.1 for Flex 3 Support. My goal is for it to have syntax highlighting, code completion, and basic pallet functionality besides some of the "basic" stuff. If it works out I would like to publish and open-source it.
    I think it would be a welcome plugin for the quickly growing Flex and NetBeans communities, but I have seen only rumblings about WANTING Flex support in NB and no ACTION. I don't see that anyone is actually working on a full-featured plugin as of yet.
    Obviously, the Sun guys aren't going to touch it because they want to push JavaFX (whatever/whenever that will end up becoming...???). BTW: I'm not holding my breath for design-driven Java. Sorry JavaFX guys for poo-pooing it before it is out. But based on the "demos" I've seen so far of JavaFX and the 10 year track record of disappointing Java UI, I'm fully expecting to be disappointed again.
    Adobe wants to sell their Builder for the $$$. I think Adobe is on the right track with Flex and AIR, but will need all of the community and popular support during this incubation period that they can get. A decent and free alternative to the Flex Builder will only help the Flex ecosystem mature, dominate the space, and force "HTTP/HTML Hell" into the past (where it rightfully belongs).
    Did I just coin the phrase "HTTP/HTML Hell"?

  4. Bradley,

    I'd love to see a NB module for Adobe Flex programming. I've been doing some AJAX/DHTML/Web 2.0 programming lately for a consulting gig, and all I can say is Adobe Flex is absolutely wonderful compared to the standard Web 2.0 fare. Unfortunately, Adobe has not really pushed Flex and the Flash/AIR runtimes much to the development community. I can guarantee they will now with Microsoft Silverlight coming on the scene.

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