Friday, March 21, 2008

Sonos Music System up and running

Received our Sonos music system today. For more information, go to I bought the Controller 100 and ZP100 Zone Player combo for $699. Set up the computer software on my Macbook. Installation on the Mac is effortless and I literally had it playing music from my NAS device in 5 minutes. Looks like it uses Windows Networking (aka SMB or CIFS) to access music libraries. I have a 1 TB Western Digital MyBook World NAS device connected to the network where I've been burning my WMA files to. Haven't tried Ogg Vorbis or iTunes collections yet. I absolutely love this music solution. Great out of box experience. Kudos Sonos!

BTW, I also purchased a Zone Bridge from Sonos, but have not connected that to the network yet. I post more when I get that online.




    * Powerful Stereo Power Output : 70w x 2
    * 1400 Watts PMPO (Peak Music Power Output)
    * Double Space Spectrum Analyzer
    * New 5-CD Changer System with Direct Open Key & Play Key
    * 3-D Space EQ (Disco/Hall/Live/Heavy/Clear/Soft)
    * V.Bass circuitry for normal deep bass
    * Feather touch dual auto reverse cassette Decks
    * Tape programme sensor
    * Digital synthesizer tuner
    * 24 stations preset memory tuning
    * Programmable timer ( Play/Record/Sleep)
    * Full function remote control
    * Energy Saving on standby mode
    * 3-D Acoustic Image Equalizer and Manual Equalizer
    * 110-220 volt AC 50-60 HZ