Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Flex app up and running with BlazeDS

Well it took me a while and a lot of browsing the web for the proper incantations, but I finally got a Flex app up and running with BlazeDS 3.x. Their reference documentation is not very clear about the Flex compiler arguments that you need to specify to reference the services-config.xml and to specify the servlet context root. I have a document of the steps that I went through, with screenshots, so others might have an easier time with this. BlazeDS remoting seems very quick and performant. For my application, I built a new Java web app up from scratch and did not use any of the turnkey stuff. In hindsight, it seems that magic revolves around the Flex compiler arguments. This Flex app also uses Cairngorm microarchitecture framework, which seems pretty straightforward to use. Next up is to hook in Spring and Hibernate on the Java server side.


  1. possibilty to post a working example...
    i'm currently working on a flex 3 - blazeds - cairngorm project...

    but i can't seem to get the handlers right ... it returns an error on my event.token.faultHandler ...

    thanks in advance !!

  2. I have some notes written up on If this doesn't help, I can probably zip everything up and send it via email. Let me know.

  3. thanks :)

    that page was a great help.

    do you connect with a mysql database in your project.. i'm having troubles with that ...

    i keep getting [RPC Fault faultString="com.cst.DAOException : java.sql.SQLException: The url cannot be null" faultCode="Server.Processing" faultDetail="null"]

    and my url is defined ...


  4. I'm using HSQLDB on the Java server-side. Looking at the fault that you received, it looks like your JDBC URL is null.

  5. fixed :)

    forgot to include the specific MYSQL drivers...

    now trying to get spring working.

  6. i had the same problem.
    what drivers did you include?
    i have defined my url!

    thank you

  7. i have my mysql-jdbc driver in my libriary already!