Sunday, May 09, 2010

Practical styles of pair programming

Excellent blog on pair programming.

A quote from the blog entry:

"No you're not faster on your own, you're just creating more crap for your colleagues to puzzle over and eventually delete. The code you write alone sucks. That guy that is getting on your nerves is trying to tell you (clumsily) that your code sucks, try to listen to him and you'll turn into a better programmer." 

Have you encountered one or more of these styles?  How many developers are pair programming these days?



  1. Most of them looks 'deja vu'. Been through most of these except the last one. In the current project we have the potential over the last one (distributed), it becomes quite challenging when timezones are way apart and other things. But the driver/navigator analogy might work. We are currently finding more pairing on tasks than it was before. I think this is mostly due to the fact that all of us realized that the quality hurted as everyone was focussed to get done with the stories. Before the pairing jargon was limited to code reviews .Recently we ended up even pair-pairing (4 dudes) trying to get a testing session going, i would put that more like a Style 1 type, where one of the dude has good understanding of the framework and rest of them are trying to get their feet wet. Style 2 is certainly desired/preferred one. Well certainly good pairing can nail potential future debt,

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