Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Using JDBC URLs containing LDAP URI to connect to Oracle databases within Grails

I'm working on a Grails application that needs to connect to a Oracle database using a LDAP context.  The URL format is something like the following:


I'm also not using the Grails DataSource.groovy configuration for this.  I'm managing a separate DataSource in the resources.groovy using Spring DSL.  I'm using the org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DriverManagerDataSource.  I have not tried this with the standard DataSource.groovy stuff.  When I first tried using this, I would get an exception with the following text: "javax.naming.NotContextException Not an instance of DirContext".  There seems to be a bug with the Spring LDAP and the SimpleNamingContextBuilder class.  Basically the SimpleNamingContextBuilder returns a Context implementation, not a DirContext implementation.  You can work around this in Grails by adding the following to the Config.groovy file:

grails.naming.entries = null

Problem solved.  The DataSource now bootstraps correctly and I can go on my merry way.  Kudos to Luke Daley for bringing this to my attention.



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  2. Hey, i kind of am getting the same error but on different platforms. I am working on a JSP app connected to an LDAP and every time i run the web page i am getting the Not an instance of DirContext. how exactly did you work it out, maybe i might get a hint.

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