Friday, November 13, 2009

Not a fan of Apple's new Magic Mouse

I recently purchased the new Apple Magic Mouse and after about a week of on and off use, I'm not a fan of it. For me, the laser tracking is terrible. I thought it might be the desk so I bought a mouse pad (remember those) and though the mouse pad made tracking a bit better, the Magic Mouse laser tracking performance is irritatingly poor on both the desk and mouse pad surfaces. It's a beautiful device, but it's basic performance is just terrible from my experiences with it. I'm going to hang onto it for a while and see if the driver support gets better over time.

Anyone else seeing issues with the basic laser tracking performance?


  1. What? Apple producing a sub par product? What is this world coming to.

  2. @Mac Noland

    Yeah, yeah ;-)

    I didn't think I would blog about my recent Windows 7 experiences, which have not been favorable either. I kind of expect it with Windows, so it's not really news worthy to blog about.

    Everyone seems gaga about the Magic Mouse and my initial experience was less than stellar. I usually really enjoy Apple's products, but this one seems not up to par for some reason.