Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Promoting keystroke use in Eclipse

If you want to promote key mappings use in Eclipse, MouseFeed might be your ticket. This Eclipse plugin monitors your mouse usage, and when you click on a UI component (button, menu, etc.) that can be invoked by key stroke, the MouseFeed plugin will pop up a small notification window stating that the action has a key mapping. The notification window disappears after a few seconds, but it's power is obvious. Very similar to the Key Promoter plugin in IntelliJ IDEA. Very cool Eclipse plugin.

Here is a screencast of the MouseFeed plugin in action:


  1. I tried this plug-in for a while, and for the most part it worked as advertised. I did, however, notice a few side-effects that users should be aware of. My jUnit execution history drop-down and my "expand all" icon on the synchronize view both were rendered inoperable when I installed MouseFeed, and worked again after I removed it.